I have a long and outstanding record in teaching students of all levels from beginners to post graduates and have thoroughly enjoyed working in the company of my students, sharing creative ideas, research and the exploration of processes.

Courses January 2019

Title: Develop Your Own Artist Identity
Medium: Acrylics and Mixed Media
Day: Monday
Time: 10:00-12:00
Venue: Adel, Leeds, Quaker Meeting Rooms, New Adel Lane LS16 6AZ
Dates: 16 September - 25 November 2019
1/2 Term: 28 October
Group: Small group, maximum 14
Sessions 10

Title: Develop Your Own Artist Identity
Medium: Acrylics and Mixed Media
Day: Monday
Time: 13:00-15:00
Venue: Adel, Leeds, The Old Stables, Back Church Lane, Adel LS16 8 DQ
Dates: 16 September - 25 November 2019
1/2 Term: 28 October
Sessions 10

Title: Develop Your Own Artist Identity
Medium: Acrylics and Mixed Media
Day: Tuesday
Time: 13:00-15:00
Venue: Addingham Methodist Hall, Chapel Street Addingham LS29 0JE
Dates: 17 September - 26 November 2019
1/2 Term: 29 October
Sessions 10
Price: £150

Contact: 07719747523 or


Grade One - Outstanding. An unbroken record awarded each year recording all strengths, no weaknesses.

For further details of teaching for art qualification levels, see the information in the CV Section


"You are inspriational."
G. Bond

“You have been one of the great influences in my life. You have been my inspiration. You are a superb teacher.”
B Milligan

“We are very privileged to have a top teacher to share her boundless knowledge and experience of the world of art. As a group we are continually inspired and stretched in ways we could never achieve without the benefit of the class. The value to me as an individual is immense and immeasurable.”
H McQueen

“Geraldine helped me to build a portfolio from nothing and in March 2012 I was offered a place at Leeds College of Art & Design BA Foundation Course. This was due to Geraldine’s dedication, knowledge, enthusiasm and of course talent. I found the lessons enjoyable, inspirational and would have no hesitation in recommending Geraldine for private tuition."
L Davis

"Your classes are just great!" M. Smith

"I enjoy the very informal, friendly and supportive atmosphere...the flexible approach...I'm impressed by the fact that requests from the students to look at particular aspects are always followed up - often all prepared and explored the following week." J. Rundle

"I have found your encouragement, feedback and support to be most helpful and beneficial. I love to watch you paint." E. Hornby

“Inspirational art lessons from a respected and great teacher.” L Gregory

“Thank you for the extremely inspiring course. It opened me up to the world of creative colourful paintings.”
A Jacobs, German Architect

“Challenging, stimulating and fun: - experimenting with different styles and media, studying the works of many diverse artists, gaining knowledge in art history and enjoying lively class discussion on all things topical. I personally have acquired a large circle of like-minded friends through the class.”
P Rayner

“I have been attending art classes for seven years and it has taken this long to find my own artistic voice. This process has been hugely interesting, if sometimes frustrating, and hugely rewarding. The class is part of my life now and provides a wonderful balance to my professional practice. The challenge and support provided by Geraldine and my fellow students are invaluable.”
Prof P Cullen

“As a mature student of x years standing I have not only learnt but enjoyed learning how to enjoy painting in all its various forms. Not only has the course provided an appreciation of how to create but it has occurred in a relaxed atmosphere with students of like mind. This must not be taken that it is all joy and no work but it has been a joy to work with the Art class. I never thought that I would enjoy returning to a centre of learning last visited more years ago than I care to remember but I have.”
J Norris

"Everything is perfect" R Waxman

"I find your demonstrations useful and interesting. Your comments as you are going round the class often provide food for thought." J. Nuttgens

"I feel you are skilled at picking out and giving feedback which supports individuals and instructs the group as a whole. I love being inspired and encouraged to explore different media and methods of applying paints." P. Mobbs
There are a number of Open Studio occasions each year to view the work on display in my studio.

Alternatively, please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time for your visit.