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Colour, nature's atmospheres and the interrelationships within the changing landscape are fascinating.

When drawing and painting in the countryside I aim to record the sensations, the emotional and visual responses that connect me to the land and to nature itself rather than producing a topographical record.

In the studio environment, with a combination of sketchbook studies, colour notes, plein-air paintings and/or photographs for reference, I relate to and develop my research by reclaiming experiences.
This involves memory, imagination and probably some exaggeration as well, in order to emphasize those elements which have impacted and invited interest and those aspects which inform contemplation and imagery.

Studio work can also be large or developed in themes and/or series

The studio creative practice involves procedures of applying, removing and modifying layers of paint over time, responding to the interconnectedness of colour transformed by light and the mixing of colours on the painting surface rather than on the palette.

Responding to nature's transformations, I also enjoy exploring materials, mixed media and degrees of unpredictability in which texture plays a significant aspect.

I am particularly interested in the processes and outcomes of the actual paint surface as it becomes a compelling vehicle of expression.

Finished work aims to be a combination of representational and expressive painting.


In portraiture my aim is to depict a likeness, a character, a presence within a picture.

For me the execution of a portrait is not self-contained, nor is it just about the technical ability developed over years of life drawing. Rather it is a demanding process in which drawing and painting are entwined in a dialogue between sitter and painter revealing aspects of both.

Sensitive to the person and personality behind each face, alert to changes in facial expression and body language, meetings for that one-to-one personal connection is essential for research and initial studies.

Although regular sittings are ideal, photography provides a valuable reference tool, though not for use alone, allowing portraits to be completed from a combination of sittings and photography. Portraits are usually life size in oils on linen canvas.

When painting portraits I consider:
How the subject presents and sees themselves - which of the many faces they choose to show me
My obligation to the sitter
My empathetic interpretive response
Where the portrait will hang

Careful thought is also given to connections and symbolic narrative which may be incorporated.

Notable commissions include eminent members of the clergy, academic, medical and military as well as private and informal portraits. Details are in the CV section.

I have work in Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, USA and Australia and I am a member of Leeds Fine Artists.

Originally qualified as a teacher, I went on to complete my Master’s Degree in Fine Art at Leeds University and enjoyed a successful career as a College Art Lecturer and Programme Manager.
I created the Art and Design Enterprise Fd Degree and achieved an unbroken “Outstanding” teaching record whilst continuing investigating, developing and exhibiting my own work.

Art course information is available in the section Art Courses.


The Right Reverend Monsignor John Kennedy, Rector of the Venerable English College, Rome
“I am writing on behalf of the Friends of the English College, Rome to express our admiration for your portrait of Monsignor Jack Kennedy……Your portrait is a very good likeness not only of the appearance, but also of the character of its subject!”
Mr JCR Hudson, Chairman, Friends of the Venerable English College, Rome

"I am greatly taken by it..... It is a 'tour-de-force'..... Its excellent technical and expressive qualities are evident throughout...All in all, this, in my opinion is an exceptionally fine portrait."
Brian Crossling (Formerly Keeper of Art, The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle)

Dr Dylan Morgan MA (Oxon), D. Phil(Oxon), MNCP,Acc.Hyp.
“I could not be more happy with the portrait.”
Dr Dylan Morgan

The Right Reverend David Konstant, Bishop of Leeds
“The more I see the portrait the more pleased I am with it. I think it is a wonderful piece of work. Thank you so very much, and many congratulations on the final results.”
The Right Reverend David Konstant, Bishop of Leeds

“I think the portrait is excellent and you are to be congratulated.”
Very Reverend John Kelly

(The portrait) “ of David Konstant looks an excellent likeness”
Monsignor John Furnival, Secretary to The Most Reverend Derek Worlock, Archbishop of Liverpool

The Most Reverend Derek Worlock, Archbishop of Liverpool
“Everyone is delighted with Derek’s portrait and thinks you are a genius. Congratulations.”
Sister Theresa Flynn


“Evocative and atmospheric”

"Full of energy, mood and inspiration"

"Colourful and vibrant. A feast for the eyes."

"Very evocative use of colour."

"Vibrant oils and wonderful portraits."

"Bold, dramatic, interesting work."



"I would like to take it all home."

"Such action and dynamic coupled with texture. Wow!"

"Wonderful use of colour."

"Lovely, inspiring to the spirit."

"Stunning stuff."